Holidays Are Over

Holidays Are Over September in North America means going back to school. It’s an exciting time. The learning of new things. Most importantly, another rung on the ladder of success. So, in the spirit of September, let’s look at the field of welding: as a continuous education. On how to weld different metals, how to […]

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Extreme Dangers of Welding in the Heat

“On June 27, 2003, via the coroner, the Kentucky Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program became aware of an occupational fatality involving heat stroke. A site visit was made on July 1, 2003, and the decedent’s employer and witnesses were interviewed. A 16-year-old construction company which primarily laid pipe, poured concrete, and built foundations and […]

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Hiring A New Student

If you live In a place that has 4 seasons, spring is a wonderful time. It’s the end of winter and new growth is everywhere. The dull endless brown has been replaced by the many variations of green. The cold air has become warmer and the sun’s heat is more intense. This is also an […]

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A Few Brands That We Are Proud To Carry

  • miller
  • victor
  • esab
  • avesta
  • hypertherm
  • hobart
  • walter
  • weldmark