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We are proud to carry the following brands

We partner with suppliers who share the same philosophies as we do and hold the same level of commitment to their customers. Below you can find out what each company does and their promises to you as a consumer.


arcair_logoArcair is an ESAB brand that is a world leader in Carbon-Arc Gouging products. The brand is home to products such as carbon arc gouging systems, exothermic arc cutting systems, underwater cutting torches, welding electrodes and more! Arcair provides a complete line of air-carbon arc products for the wide-ranging gouging needs of fabrication plants, shipyards, railroads and farms. Visit their website:

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avesta_logoBöhler Welding offers a globally unique and complete product portfolio of welding consumables from own production. The extensive range of approximately 2.000 products is constantly aligned to the up-to-date specifications of the most demanding industries and is adjusted, if necessary, to the market requirements under observance of the highest quality standards. Products include Stick electrodes, GTAW rods, cored wires, solid wires and SAW fluxes. Visit their website:
bernard_logoBernard is a strong, growing company with over 60 years experience as a MIG welding innovator. As part of ITW, Bernard shares access to unique resources that they leverage to improve welding productivity. Their products include MIG welding guns, Fume extraction guns, flux-cored self-sheilding guns and welding consumables. Visit their website:

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Innovative Designs built for Accessibility, Durability and Performance For over 50 years, CK Worldwide has produced the highest quality TIG torches and accessories in the industry. As a family owned company, it’s our pledge to deliver a level of service that is unrivaled. CK Worldwide is ‘THE STANDARD IN TIG WELDING’. Visit their website:

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esablogo_1 ESAB is a world leader in the production of welding and cutting equipment and consumables. Their innovative, world-renowned equipment and solutions are developed with input from their customers and built with the expertise and heritage of a global manufacturing leader. Their products include: Gas equipment, Arc Gouging & Exothermic cutting, Filler metals, arc welding equipment, plasma welding equipment, welding and cutting automation & robotics equipment and personal protective equipment. Visit their website:

fibre_metal_logo_100_1Fibre-Metal is the acknowledged leader in protective hat and cap quality. They maintain the position through continuous innovation, resulting in the high performance SuperEight® models. Their products include head, face, welding and combination protection. Visit their website:

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hobartbrothers_logoThe Hobart brand signifies collaboration, innovation and expertise, and is a recognized leader in the industry. Hobart Brothers develops and manufactures Hobart® tubular wires (metal-cored and flux-cored), solid wires and stick electrodes for distribution across the globe. Each of the products has been carefully formulated to offer the highest quality results, improve productivity for end users and help reduce operation costs. Visit their website:

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For nearly 50 years, Hypertherm’s objective has been to deliver the world’s finest cutting products and solutions that help give shape to their customers’ vision. And that spirit of innovation is one of the reasons why Hypertherm’s plasma, laser, and waterjet systems, software, motion controls and consumables consistently outperform the competition in cut quality, productivity, and cost-efficiency. Visit their website:

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jackson_safety_logo_100_1Choose the JACKSON SAFETY brand to provide essential personal protection for your people and business. Products include gloves, welding helmets, dust masks, ear plugs and other personal protective gear. Visit their website:

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kobelcologoKobelco Fluxed Cored Wire is of unsurpassed quality. That’s not just an idle boast or wishful thinking. Just ask any professional welder who has used Kobelco’s flux cored wires. The types of flux cored products include, stainless steel wire, stainless steel TIG rod, nickel based alloy wire, carbon steel wire, carbon steel metal cored wire, low alloy steel wire, low alloy steel metal cored wire and carbon steel solid wire. Visit their website:

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koike_global_logo_2Koike is a manufacturer of high quality metal cutting, welding and positioning equipment. They have over 90 years of experience and manufacture an extensive line of equipment that includes: CNC Oxy-fuel, CNC Plasma, CO2 Precision Laser, Waterjet cutting machines, Welding Positioners, Portable Cutting and Welding Carriages. Visit their website:

millerlogo_4Miller leas the welding industry by building advanced, solution-focused products and meeting crucial needs for welding safety. Miller’s product lines include welding, plasma and oxy-fuel equipment, personal safety equipment, guns, torches, wire feeders, gas accessories and a variety of consumables. Visit their website:

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smith_logo_2Smith is a brand owned by Miller, which manufactures oxy-fuel, gas regulation, cutting, welding and heating equipment as well as specialty gas regulators, gas mixers, jewellers torches and aircraft pitot tubes. Visit their website: 

techniweldlogo_1Techniweld Corporation is a leading wholesaler of recognized brand names for the welding industry sold exclusively through welding distributors. Major product groupings offered include: Welding filler metals, Arc, MIG and TIG accessories and equipment, Gas welding and cutting accessories and equipment, and Welding safety accessories and equipment. Visit their website: 

thermalarcThermal Arc is a brand owned by ESAB. Thermal Arc, a world leader in arc welding technology, provides a complete line of superior quality power supplies and accessories to meet your exact arc welding requirements. Their extensive array of welding power source products include STICK (SMAW), TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW), multi-process, wire feeders, engine driven and plasma welding systems. Visit their website:

twecologoTweco is a brand owned by ESAB. The Tweco line includes an extensive array of products from the basic manual welding tools and accessories to MIG guns, welding electrodes, consumables, and a complete selection of products for precision robotic welding applications. Tweco is an ISO 9001 registered company. Visit their website:

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uniweldlogo_2Uniweld’s product line includes U.S. made welding, cutting, brazing and heating outfits, refrigeration tools, vacuum and charging hoses, welding, brazing and cutting tips, accessories, pressure gauges and alloys. Visit their website:

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victor_1Victor is a brand owned by ESAB. Victor Gas Equipment is the world leader in gas and safety regulator equipment, providing superior quality, reliable products, safety, and performance resulting in numerous product innovations including patented built-in flashback arrestors and check valves for torches. Products include, oxy-fuel cutting and welding equipment such as oxy-acetylene and oxy-fuel welding and cutting equipment, torch handles, cutting attachments, straight cutting torches, gas regulators, cutting tips, welding nozzles, cutting and welding outfits. Visit their website:

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walterlogo_1Walter Surface Technologies has been a leader in surface treatment technologies for more than 60 years, and has been providing high productivity abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical solutions and environmental solutions for the metal working industry. Visit their website:

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weldmatelogo_2Weld-Mate is a 100% Canadian-owned innovative company selling quality products through an industrial distributor channel. Products include MIG wire, gloves, welding blankets, welding helmets and welding goggles. Visit their website:

weldmarklogoWeldmark is an expanding line of competitively priced professional grade products for the welding & cutting industry. Weldmark has partnered with many of the industry’s best manufacturers to source product that must be manufactured to Weldmark’s quality specifications delivering outstanding value, immediate availability and exceptional performance. The Weldmark line includes welding consumables, equipment, safety apparel and related welding & cutting accessories. Visit their website: 



We are partnered with the following wholesalers who stock and carry a variety of other brands

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SCN Industrial Inc. is a 100% wholesale organization within the Canadian distribution market. Established in 1978, their goal is to become Canada’s premiere wholesale source for Industrial, Safety and Welding products. SCN will sell exclusively to qualified distributors across the country. They will not sell to the end-user.

Their mandate is to create an organization that is 100% dedicated to serving the requirements of Canadian distributors. They are focused on helping you succeed and grow in an ever-changing market.

Visit their website:


The IWDC is a Member-owned purchasing and marketing cooperative. Its Membership and approved manufacturers/suppliers work together to grow and strengthen the network of independent gas and hardgoods distributors North America (the United States, Canada & Mexico).

Visit their website to see who their vendors are and learn more:


A Few Brands That We Are Proud To Carry

  • miller
  • victor
  • esab
  • avesta
  • hypertherm
  • hobart
  • walter
  • weldmark